Why FXTSwiss ?

FXTSwiss is a leading online foreign exchange ( Forex ) and metals, operating as a market maker to retail and institutional clients. With its focus on advanced trading technology solutions.

FXTSwiss was founded to provide the best Forex trading experience for trader. Our powerful and easy to use software, secure trading environment, and superior trading conditions have made FXTSwiss one of the leading Forex and metals dealers in the world. FXTSwiss is recommended by many financial organization dedicated to Forex.

  • 1 Pip Fixed Spread
    We provide competitive and effective spreads, 1 Pip Fixed Spread on all major currencies and low spread on other currency pairs which is the lowest in the industry. FXTSwiss Guarantees Fixed Spread under all market conditions.
  • No Commissions and No Swaps
    We do not charge any commissions for opening and closing positions.
  • Forex, Oil, Gold and Silver Trading
    FXTSwiss offers Forex, Oil, Gold and Silver trading to its clients on the Same Account. Oil, Gold and Silver are traded in the same way as spot Forex trading, and all trading is done with zero commissions.
  • MetaTrader 4 - Powerful Trading Platform
    Our MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform sets a new standard in online trading functionality, performance, and ease of use. Your account balance, usable margin, and value of open positions are displayed in the trading software MT4 in real time. Also with Charts, Quotes and More.
  • Guaranteed Fills on all Orders
    All stop loss and limit orders are guaranteed to be filled at the specified price by the trader - No Slippage.
  • Hedging Capability
    Clients can open positions in the same currency in opposite directions, without the positions offsetting.
  • Instant Deposit with your Credit Card
    FXTSwiss gives its clients the option to fund their account instantly using a credit card, in addition to other funding methods like wire transfer. This feature allows you to start trading immediately.
  • 24 Hours Trading and Support
    We provide our clients with 24 Hours trading and technical support to answer any questions they might have.
  • Safety of Customer Funds
    Customers are assured that FXTSwiss consistently meets the strictest standards of financial stability and proper handling of client funds. Furthermore, client funds are maintained segregated from FXTSwiss's own assets, thereby offering security of client funds.
  • Free Practice Trading Account
    If you are new to Forex, Oil, Gold and Silver Trading, you can test and evaluate trading strategies with no risk by opening a practice account and you will receive the same real time quotes and charting with all the live features.