Gold and Silver Trading

Gold Trading

FXTSwiss offers Gold and Silver Trading to its clients on the same platform MetaTrader 4 at very competitive spreads and margins. Spot Gold and Silver are traded in the same way as Forex Trading, and all trading is done with No Commissions.

Gold Trading

In man’s journey throughout the history of his evolution; gold was used as a trading commodity in addition to being denoted as a store of value. The gold represents the uttermost form of conservatism against the impact of inflation and protects futuristic profits.

There are numerous ways one can invest with in gold; there is the conventional method which is acquiring gold bars, the other methodology is by indulging in spot and futures electronic trading, and as well there is investing in mining and refining corporation stocks.

Nevertheless in evaluating the psychological driver to all investors in conducting gold trading has managed to sustain the same throughout the years, and that is the gold is considered the safe haven for investors in times governed by economical, political, and military instability. Investing in gold is looked at as a prosperous diversification investment which minimizes the threats in managing a financial portfolio. Adding to what was mentioned above gold is denoted as the unsurpassed conservatism method in the face of long term inflationary threats, where it is blessed with the reversal relationship to the U.S. dollar.

This yellow metal is traded worldwide in several markets 24/7, where London and New York markets are the eminent amongst markets universally.

The London Bullion Market is one of the ancient gold markets in the world where it is considered the largest market for physical gold trading. Since the twelfth of September 1919 the gold is priced twice a day in what is referred to as the “London Gold Fix” in the A.M. and the P.M. fixings.

Whereas the gold is traded in NYMEX (COMEX) a short while after the adjourning of the P.M. fixing in London. New York market is famous for the intensity of paper gold transactions as in trading on instant and futures trading. There are also major markets for gold trading around the world like Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hong Kong as well as others around the world.

Silver Trading

Silver Trading

The silver is considered an effective financial tool in diversifying investments, in addition to it being a conservatism tool to inflationary threats. Like any other financial tool this metals value is subject to fluctuations yet the silver has a true and stabile value constantly. Therefore the majority of economists advise investors to include silver among their investment assets.

Economical experts depend in their analysis on the historical changes that took place between 1971 and 1981 where the American dollar lost more than half its value meanwhile the silver prices gained almost five times its price.

Silver is traded worldwide in various markets anytime day and night where the London Bullion Market and NYMEX (COMEX) are the eminent internationally. There are also major markets for silver trading around the world like Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hong Kong as well as others around the world.