Spreads and Margin


FXTSwiss offers customers competitive and effective spreads, 1 pip fixed spread on all major currencies and low spread on other currency pairs which is the lowest in the industry. FXTSwiss Guarantees Fixed Spread under all market conditions.

Fixed Spreads Forex Symbol
1 pip EUR/USD
1 pip GBP/USD
1 pip USD/CHF
1 pip USD/JPY
1 pip AUD/USD
2 pips USD/CAD
2 pips NZD/USD
3 pips EUR/GBP
4 pips EUR/JPY
3 pips EUR/CHF
7 pips GBP/JPY
5 pips AUD/JPY
4 pips CHF/JPY
7 pips GBP/CHF
4 pips EUR/AUD
6 pips EUR/CAD
80 c GOLD
10 c OIL

Margin / Leverage

FXTSwissoffers customers the best Leverage in the Forex market up to 400:1 on its Forex Trading Accounts.